Mining & Processing


Bentonite is mined by surface open pit method. Heavy machines like excavators, bull dozers, truck and tractor trailers are extensively used to excavate Bentonite. Bentonite is mined and stock piled at the respective mine sites. After the stock piling Bentonite is spread over the field and dried up. This field drying removes approx 30% to 40% of the moisture and thus reduces hauling and drying cost. After the drying is done, Bentonite samples are taken for lab test. After the lab test and desired results, with the help of our skilled workers the Bentonite is processed in the factory and finally then to the packaging.


Upon arrival at the processing plants, the Bentonite is placed into stockpiles and carried into the plant with the help of loaders. After the primary field drying, the Bentonite is then again dried in a long cylinder called a rotary dryers where approximately 10 to 15% of the moisture is removed. Mostly coal and gas are used primarily as fuels for drying. The finished product has very less moisture content of approx 8% to 10%. Required sample test is carried out according to stock. Our technicians with the help of high equipped lab, carry out the sampling of the Bentonite to meet clients' requirements. We also carry research & development to formulate the process for Bentonite related products.